DK*EC. Daker Devito Sebasco`s is the winner of 

Fife WORLD SHOW 2002

in HELSINKI (Finland).

He got a tilte of the






WW`02 EC.Daker Devito Sebasco`s of Alwaro

red classic tabby                                        born.29.07.98



22  x BEST of the BEST 1

10 x BEST of the BEST 2

7 x BEST of the BEST 3

16 x  BEST Opp.SEX

48 x Best In Show

37 x Best of Variete


Dakers parents

dam.DK.Mountaineer`s Kitty Caballe f 22

sire.WW`98 00 01 EC. Chief Two Moon Guldfakse`s of Sebasco`s (click)



DK*EC. Daker Devito Sebasco`s is the winner of 


He got a tilte of the



WW`02 EC.Daker is a fourth generation of 

World Winner

his grandfather - EC.Mt Kittery Casco World Winner - 1994

his grandfather - IC.Maine- Mark`s Dakota World Winner - 1995 and 1996

His father - EC.Guldfakse`s Chief Two Moons World Winner - 1998, 2000 and 2001



Daker is a very big maine coon male cat, with wonderful proportions of body and great bone built.

His ears are of very big and are well placed, he has already long lynx-tips. His muzzle is strong and long with a deep strong chin.His proportions are very well, his body is long and well balanced.

He has a good, calm character, he likes to play with people and other cats. Daker loves shows, he can present his beauty with charm. Daker Devito Sebasco's is the greatest male maine coon cat in Poland - he won many important shows.

Lately, in Lodz 11.05.02 and Poznań 2002 he was the most important Special Show Main Coon of Poland. It happens once a year and the first prize is a double air ticket (for the owner and his cat) for any european airlines they wish. Cats from all over the Europe came to the show of maine coons. Competition was huge. We are very happy, because three cats from our Alwaro were in this elite group.

Our boy WW`02 EC. Daker Devito Sebasco`s, won all show Maine Coon, our girl GIC. K`Star Winner Alwaro was at the second place. We are really very happy, because they 100% deserved it.


I very thank Susanne and Per from the deep of my heart for Daker Devito.Thank You that You decided to give us such a wonderful cat. It a great distinction for us. We are very happy to have Daker in our breed :)))))))))


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