Maya Szlachetny Przyjaciel*Pl

born.29 May 2003

Maya  8 weeks old

Maya  10 weeks old

Maya five months old


Dominika with Maya (five months old)

Maya one year

Maya is a very nice and successful girl, long-haired German sheepdog. She has arrived to us from one of the oldest breeding of this race in Poland and she's become a member of our family. We're not going to exhibit her on shows. She's very big and heavy as for the age she is. We hope she'll be a big and good girl. I have never had a dog before, cats have always been in my life, so I had to learn how to behave towards Maya, a wonderful book entitled Jen Fennell " The practical dog listener" helped me a lot. I'm fully aware that German sheepdogs have the intelligence above.Maya this is a miraculous female about a great intelligence, she learns very quickly and eagerly.We have many joy from her



 Zara Szlachetny Przyjaciel*Pl

born 04 February 04

Zara it's our new lovely pupie:)))





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