Paco Navarro 

Black classic tabby   born 03.09.2004



 dam.Racoone's Laurey Dana
sire. N*Arctic Coon's Wild Majesty



Our  handsome boy Paco arrived to us from friendly breeding from Belgium:)

Paco has incredible extreme type and a personality ! He has very large ( 9,7 kg) , upright ears with very long lynx tips, an open yet feral expression, very big square muzzle, clean profile and a strong chin. He's quite a very large and strong boy!  He is long, tall, solid and perfectly balanced with heavy boning and an nice tail. His color is beautiful and he has a thick, shaggy coat.

Paco has a wonderfully sweet, loving personality. He's very easy-going, affectionate, purrs like a motor boat, makes air biscuits and gets so happy :-) It is ma dream boy, I love him very much. Paco is an exciting addition to our breeding program not only because of his size, type, and color but his pedigree is diverse and a nice outcross from that of our girls. 

Paco has give us some beautiful very big , typey babies with very wild looks and large upright ears with long lynx tips:)))

I would like to thank Suzy and Nico for this magnificent boy :)))






12/02/05- Ex1 BIV Nom to BIS

13/02/05-Ex1 BIV Nom to BIS

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