torbie classic tabby with white   born 05.06.2004






dam.WW'03 EC.Jasmin of Gentel Line

sire.IC.CC.Top Langstteich`s



Queeny was born on 05.06.2004. She is a gorgeous torbie classic tabby w/w. 

She has beautiful large ears with nice lynx tips, an absolutely gorgeous expression, long square muzzle, clean profile and strong chin. 

She is an excellent combination of her excellent parents  and is a an extra special girl to us! She has a very balanced build in length, height, and weight. She's a vary good size with large boning for a young female. Her coat is thick, color is a very warm torbie with and golden tones and she has an excellent classic pattern. 

Fling is a funny and outgoing yet quiet girl. She is very affectionate with both people and the other cats. Fling did very well at her first  show!


 Test PKD + FIV + Fel V (-)  frei HCM negative




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