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A Cadia Parks Vanity Fair of Alwaro

brown classic tabby   

born 23 March2002

MYBPC3-Gen : N/N


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parents (click)

d. RW, SGC A Cadia Parks Maverick

m.Coonmora Momo


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Vanity's a beautiful, elegant lady in a perfect type. She took her beauty and size after her perfect, old and great American lines, which are dominant in her pedigree. These are the best lines, being looked for the most often, but they've finished their programme already. Vanity, just like Kerrygold are both our infallible girls, we just cannot miss them in our breeding programme. We only use them for special purposes, when we want to fix or improve something in our cattery. Sometimes, Vanity's kittens are available for other breeders; however, we need to be informed about that beforehand.

Vanity is a extreme big and heavy (9kg!!!!!) female.She is so big as big male !!!!!!

She has a wonderful head with a great, long muzzle and good strong chin. Her body is extreme long and she stands tall with excellent boning for a female. She has very large upright ears with lynx tips. She has a great expression and she is a gem:)))


We would like to thank Barbara Wagner for this magnificent girl, her character is fantastic. Vanity is a very sweet and happy girl. She is very confident in everything she does and all she wants to do is play!!  She is a very loving girl always wanting to be close and giving head butts and kisses. 

Vanity was  mum already. Her children were perfect, I am very satisfied from them. - CLICK

 Vanity's & Bono's kids -CLICK

Tests HCM, PKD negative (-)



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