Best of the Best Maine Coons of Poland in the years 00/01/02


Winner of many shows.


EC.K'Star Winner Alwaro

The Best young MCO in Poland

Best Maine Coon of Special Show MCO in the year 2002


GIC.Charon Chez Alwaro

Winner of many shows.


The Gold Litter :)


K'Star Winner Alwaro & WW'02 EC.Daker Devito Sebasco's


A'Coco Chanel Alwaro 

owner:Isabelle Back - Liechtenstein


 BEST Kitten in Show

on ferst her the Show in Switzerland of Amriswil -28 September .03



Abraxas 4 months old


Abraxas 7 months old

Abraxas Alwaro*Pl 

owner: Melanie Anderson -Canada

 BEST Kitten in Show

and 2nd BEST Kittens  in Show

on last the Show in Canada -20-21.September .03


A'Bobie Sox Alwaro*Pl 

owner:Arianna Zetii

BEST  Kitten in Show

on last the Show in Florence of Italy -21. September .03

JW A'Dejavu Alwaro*Pl

owner:Valentina Choulikowa

BEST Kiten in Show

on he Shows in Ostrava 31.08.03 

Bratislava 20. September .03

Ostrawa 18/19.10.2003-


EC.Raven Alwaro*PL

Winner of many shows.



WW 02 EC. Daker Devito Sebascos



the BEST of  BEST II

on last the Show in Wrocław -06 September .03


6.09- Best Opp. Sex

7.09- Best of the Best I

on last show in Breclaw

she is a daughter's K'Star Winner Alwaro and WW'02 EC.Daker



EC.Carter O'Conor Alwaro*PL

Winner a lot of shows

Alwaro cats living 

in the USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, 
witzerland, Czech Republic, Rosja, Italy, Hungary, Liechtenstein





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