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Peny is a wonderful, fabulously beautiful girl, with an exceptionally wild and decided look. 

She is a daughter of our wonderful girl - Glory, who always gives us beautiful and strong kittens. Peny's father is a red, mega-huge (14 kg) and beautiful male Ares of my friend cattery. Peny is a big girl, with extreme long legs, though, looking at her very big parents, this does not have to be surprising. Peny will surely transmit this "mega-size" gene to her offspring. Apart from this amazing size, Peny is a wonderful type, has got big ears with fabulously big lynx-tips of them, a beautiful, strong muzzle, clean, fabulous profile, a strong chin, a beautiful and heavy body, a tail size "XXL" and a perfect type of fur. 

This is an extraordinarily elegant and fabulously beautiful tabby with wonderful and nice temper. When she sees me sitting down, no matter where and on what, she is immediately on my lap, ready to be carressed, we call her "a ferret". 

Here you can meet the Peny & Bono first litter of kittens ....click



 Pedigree of Top Coon Jeta of Alwaro

Alwaro Penelope

Sex: female

Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation  
Ares Querer red mackerel  tabby

IC.Fin*Escape's Never Ending MCO d 22 EC.Koontucky King Arthur of Escape's
IC.WW.02 Fin*Escape's Izabella Coonzales MCO f
CH S*Ma Coo's Question MCO d 23 GIC SW'2004 S*Ma Coo's Lagavulin MCO d 22
DK*Sebasco's 2 Crazy MCO g 22
C.Cabare B'Glory of Alwaro MCO f 22

GIC James Bond Klapouch, MCO n 22, EC Mefisto Jompi, MCO n 22,
Catlin Klapouch, MCO w,
IC Maxi Alwaro, MCO f 22 WW'02 EC Sebasco Daker Devito, MCO d 22,
IC Squabby Calamity Jane, MCO f 23
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